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About us

ShoppeCAST...  the product of brilliant minds, with nothing productive to do. Join our hosts, "Retro Joad" Jody Haucke and "The One and Only" Ryan Clark as they talk about life working at a Comic Book store, new comics, movies, games, and just about anything and everything related to Geek culture! This is your best glance at the inside one of Ottawa's best comic book stores, The Comic Book Shoppe, serving Ottawa's geek needs for over 25 years!


“The One and Only” Ryan Clark

Co-Host/Creative Director/Coca-Cola Addict


Ryan has been with The Comic Book Shoppe since 2003 and in that time he has amassed a rather stellar collection of comics, toys, and Punisher memorabilia. He is also an avid PlayStation gamer and Trophy hunter. When he’s not at the Shoppe he loves spending time with his wife and dog.


“The Retro Joad” Jody Haucke

Co-Host/Lover of Hats


Jody “Retro Joad” Haucke is a lover of all things retro. Whether it be He-Man, the A-Team, Star Wars, Star Trek, and his favourite Transformers, he loves it. An avid cosplayer, Jody loves creating new costumes with his wife Thea. Jody is a hater of the haters. He loves to see the positive side of pretty much everything and wants to always be the “glass half full guy.”